American Ultraviolet AUV-COAT 16-52

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    The AUV-Coat Series of roll coaters are re-engineered, and greatly improved products that were originally manufactured by Al’s Co UV, until Al’s Co UV was acquired by American Ultraviolet in 2014. They can be set up with one to three separate UV tanks and pumps (optional) for coatings and wash and they run up to 3/8″ thick substrates.

    The AUV-Coat coater is available in the following sizes:

    • AUV 16 – an economical low cost UV coating machine with no bells or whistles, though it is available with a vacuum feeder
    • AUV 20/25/30 and 40″ models are UV coaters available with and without feeders and stackers; AUV 25/30/40 have a touch screen control panel
    • AUV 52 roller coater comes standard with a Linear Measurement System for ease of substrate change and exact digital calibration to applicator roller; an adjustable IR chamber to UV source for optimum flow control; and 1″ thick substrate capabilities with 2 recirculating pumps.