CET Flatbed Models

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    CET Color is a leading provider of cutting-edge digital printers customized to your needs—and your budget.

    Precise high-speed printing with up to 10 colors and 3600 dpi Designed to meet the requirements of today’s short run, on demand printing Engineered for easy maintenance and operation Improved ink delivery to minimize waste and maximize output.

    K2-250 UV FLATBED (3.25’ x 5’)

    *K2-500 UV FLATBED (4’ x 8’)

    *K2-1000 UV FLATBED  (5’ x 10’)

    Q6-250 UV FLATBED (3.25’ X 5’)

    Q6-500 UV FLATBED (4’ X 8’)

    Q6-1000 UV FLATBED (5’ X 10’)

    *K2-500 & K2-1000 are available with a Linear Motor Drive – Our Newest and Fastest Flatbed Printer To Date!


    CET Flatbed Brochure