CET Hybrid Models

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    CET Color is a leading provider of cutting-edge digital printers customized to your needs—and your budget.

    Quickly change setup from roll media to rigid media. Front and rear extension tables can be secured to the main body to facilitate printing on rigid material up to 2” thick. The retractable alignment bar aids in rigid media placement, and the vacuum belt-driven printing bed  holds media stable while moving it through the printing platform. Rollers set in the table tops help in gliding rigid media in and out of the printing press.

    K2-250h UV HYBRID(63”)

    K2-500h UV HYBRID(98”)

    *K2-1000h UV HYBRID(126”)

    Q6-250h UV HYBRID (63”)

    Q6-500h UV HYBRID (98”)

    Q6-1000h UV HYBRID (126”)

    *K2-1000h is available with a Linear Motor Drive – Our Newest and Fastest Flatbed Printer To Date!


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