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CET K2- Series

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CET Color is a leading provider of cutting-edge digital printers customized to your needs—and your budget.

The K2-Series flatbed is ideal for high volume printing when you don’t want to give up quality for speed. Now you can have both. The K2-Series makes it possible to print ultra-high quality at speeds that surpass traditional flatbed production speeds. The K2-Series hybrid UV printing presses produce high-quality, high-volume results on either roll or rigid media.

K2 is available with a Linear Motor Drive – Our Newest and Fastest Flatbed Printer To Date!

K2-250* UV FLATBED (3.25’ x 5’)

K2-500 UV FLATBED (4’ x 8’)

K2-1000 UV FLATBED  (5’ x 10’)

K2-250h UV hybrid (63”)

K2-500h UV hybrid (98”)

K2-1000h UV hybrid (126”)


CET K2- Series Brochure