CET Q5- Series

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The Q5-Series printing presses are ideal for creating retail point-of-purchase graphics, backlit displays, high-end packaging, art reproduction prints and so much more. Q5-Series printing presses are available with 2 to 8 printheads.

The Q5-Series hybrid UV printing presses produce high-quality, high-volume results on either roll or rigid media. The belt-driven vacuum print bed securely and accurately transports flexible or rigid media through the printing press.

Q5-250 UV FLATBED 3.25’ X 5’ Max Media Area

Q5-500 UV FLATBED 4’ X 8’ Max Media Area

Q5-1000 UV FLATBED 5’ X 10’ Max Media Area

Q5-250h UV HYBRID 64” (1.6m) Max Media Area

Q5-500h UV HYBRID 98” (2.4m) Max Media Area

Q5-1000h UV HYBRID 126” (3.2m) Max Media Area


CET Q5- Series Brochure