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    The CRON-ECRM UV CTP system is what you are looking for if you want to see instant savings with your platesetter consumable (plate) usage. These UV CTP (CTcP) systems range from a 2-page up to VLF format and your choice of diode count to get the speed you need.

    Platesetters with plate support 9.5″ x 12.6″ (240 x 320mm) through 50.75″ x 65.75″ (1290 x 1670mm). System configurations from 16 to 96 diodes.

    No matter what your level of automation requirements are, we have the solution. From manual input with exit bridge configuration to a multi-plate autoloader with exit turn table and punch unit to provide press ready plates.


    CRON-ECRM UV CTP Brochure