Duralam Integra 27″ Hot Roll Lamminator

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    The Duralam Integra™ is the ultimate desktop laminator for print shops and educational institutions! Designed by a team of ten laminator dealers and service technicians from across North America, this machine is the ultimate in 27″ hot roll laminators. It is easy to load, easy to run and easy to feed. We all know that time is valuable – the Duralam Integra™ has a quick 5 minute warm-up time. As well, where most desktop laminators hold 500′ rolls of 1.5 mil or 1.7 mil film, this machine has the capacity to hold 1,000′ rolls giving you double the length – half the load time. Adjustable heat control, variable speed control, start, stop and a reverse button are conveniently located on the right hand side and are easy to see. The variable speed control allows the operator to laminate large sheets at speeds up to 4.5′ per minute or small cards and bookmarks with an ultra slow speed setting, reducing waste. Additional features built into this laminator are an auto shut-off function, a rear slide slitter and an extra-long 13′ power cord, creating an exceptional 27″ hot roll desktop laminator that is packed full of features. The Duralam Integra™ combines all the best features and technology in one single machine.


    Speed up to 4.5′ (1.3m) per minute
    1″ core mandrel
    Can be used with 12″, 18″, 25″ or 27″ laminate rolls
    36″ x 21″ x 13″ size (914 x 533 x 330mm)
    124 lbs weight (56kg)
    120 VAC, 15 A