Graphic Whizard PT335 AKF

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    The PT 335AKF crease and fold combines the features of the PT 335A+ Multi creaser with the PT 33IKF into one unit. It features; 4” vacuum pile feeder, auto sheet measurement, a 6” color touchscreen, interchangeable creasing/perfing dies with 6 different creasing widths, perfect binding hinge and spine mode as well as. Other features included on the PT 335AKF are crease depth adjustments through the touch screen and an upgraded vacuum pump with variable vacuum suction adjustment. Also unique to the PT 335AKF is the progressive crease mode, which calculates crease positions for pre-collated sets resulting in a square spine on the booklet once run through a bookletmaker. Make the PT 335AKF your easy-to-use, all-in-one creasing/folding machine.


    PT335 AKF