Kama Profold 74

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    Manual work was yesterday: today, the ProFold 74 folds and glues blanks into a multitude of print products automatically and cost-efficiently. Whether presentation folders, folded cards, shipping envelopes, ticket pockets, cross folders and advent calendars or orders from the field of packaging, such as folded cartons with straight-line or auto-lock bottoms. Another factor that makes this an attractive proposition for the market is the shortened delivery times, as everything can be produced in-house.

    Further orders that can be handled with the versatile ProFold 74:

    • Inserting vouchers, cards, package inserts and product samples
    • Dispensing labels, adhesive tape and pull strips
    • Products with capacity folders
    • Zig-zag folds for products with variable volumes
    • and many other applications.

    Short set-up times on the ProFold 74 – thanks to the JobPlanner software, innovative tools and the unique KAMA grid-type mounting system – mean that finishing of even short runs can be made profitable. Thanks to the flexible options for use, including for the packaging market, the investment costs for this multi-talent will be recouped very quickly.