Rena T-950 Tabber

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    The T-950 Tabber is the best high-speed system we have ever offered. It doesn’t just have high speed ratings like the competition; it runs and runs smoothly at over 35,000 per hour. Just watch our video. While the competition is vibrating and thrumming at less than 30,000 per hour, the T-950 runs like a fine European sports car. Fast, but controlled. Stamps? Check. Labels? Yep. Clear, Translucent, or Paper tabs? Of course. It can apply up to three tabs per pass and can apply multiple stamps at one time – something no other system can do. It has a precision cam system that raises the entire head to handle material 1/2″ thick. It also tabs from the front or back of the transport. The massive 16” reel capacity holds enough tabs to run uninterrupted for an hour straight – true productivity.


    Rena T-950 Tabber Brochure