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PHS is committed to providing our customers with the best experience, not only with equipment and service, but also with supporting customers’ consumable supply needs. We offer a wide array of supplies for support of almost any equipment and finishing needs.

We offer free delivery in some areas.

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  • Press Blankets
  • Press Wearable Parts (sucker feet, wash up blades, sheet separators, Kompac seals)
  • Pressroom Supplies, Cleaners, and Blanket Wash
  • Fountain Solution
  • Developers and Fixers: Plate and Film
  • DI Plates, Ink, and Supplies
  • CTP Metal Plates (unicorn and anthem)
  • Metal, Laser, Silver, and Inkjet Poly Plates
  • Film and Film Supplies
  • Finishing Supplies, Staples, and Tape
  • Press Sheets
  • Bindery Supplies and Tabs
  • Laminating Film and Shrink-wrap
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Cutter, Folder, and Drill Supplies
  • Digital Printer Supplies
  • Envelope Inkjet Printer Supplies
  • Envelope Toner Supplies
  • Epson, NuTec, and other Wide Format Supplies
  • CET Wide Format Supplies
  • Book Binding, Perfect Supplies, and Glue
  • Ink
    • Additives
    • Oil-Based
    • Rubber-Based
    • Acrylic
    • Metallic, Magnetic, and Tough Tex
  • Creaser Blades and Numbering Machine Supplies
  • UV Coating and Cleaners