The PHS Online Store

Now you can conveniently purchase all of your pressroom supplies online with Paper Handling Solutions.

Getting started is easy!

  1. Call (770) 955-3770 to create an account
  2. Click on this link:
  3. Login and change your password
  4. Shop the storefront
  5. Place your order

**Shipping and handling will be billed at a minimum of $17.95, or the actual shipping charge from carrier, whichever is greater.**

Find over 800 of our most popular supply items on our online portal including everything from inks to press blankets to sucker feet and a lot more.  You can view items by manufacturer or supply type.

Our storefront offers the added flexibility of being able to quickly order supplies from wherever and whenever you want.  Additionally, your past orders will be saved in your online account, so you have the ability to look back and see what you ordered in the past.

If you have further concerns or questions about our new storefront, feel free to reach out to us at (770) 955-3770 or Contact us online.